We want to Make A Noise to our MLAs about bullying!

A survey carried out in 2020 showed that 56% of children have been bullied in Northern Ireland – with approximately one child in every classroom experiencing bullying each day. Bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life, and this can last well into adulthood with adults who were bullied as children being more likely to leave school with no qualifications, be unemployed and experience a range of mental health issues.This is why we need your help to call for change!

Please join us in promoting our following asks:

  • Initial Teacher Education should include mandatory content on preventing and addressing bullying in schools.

  • Schools should be required to have an anti-bullying lead responsible for coordinating the school’s anti-bullying policy.

  • The Department of Education should commission research on the prevalence of bullying among children and young people in Northern Ireland, including the impact of current intervention and prevention strategies and the implementation of the Addressing Bullying in schools Act 2016.

We have a template email set up for you to use to contact your MLA – so it couldn’t be easier.

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