We want to Make A Noise to our MPs about bullying!

Research shows that 30% of children have been bullied in the last year alone – with approximately one child in every classroom experiencing bullying each day. Bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life, and this can last well into adulthood with adults who were bullied as children being more likely to leave school with no qualifications, be unemployed and experience a range of mental health issues.

This is why we need your help to call for change! Please join us in promoting our following asks:

  • Schools should be required to have an anti-bullying lead responsible for coordinating an anti-bullying strategy.
  • Initial teacher training should include anti-bullying training: Currently, teachers are not required to even know what bullying is as part of their initial teacher training.
  • There should be a duty to record bullying in schools in England as there currently is for schools in Northern Ireland.

We have a template email set up for you to use to contact your MP – so it couldn’t be easier.

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